A Vendor Independent Solution

ComPACS is a vendor neutral solution, supporting images and structured data from imaging and ECG devices from all vendors.

MediMatic is committed to ensure ComPACS's maximum possible support and functionality independently of the modality or the device used. Wide and flexible DICOM support and dedicated plug-ins for proprietary formats guarantee a wide compatibility.

ComPACS preserves raw data information embedded in DICOM private tags used by different devices and in particular in ultrasound equipment such as the the Philips iE33, the GE Vivid or the Siemens SC2000 platforms. This raw data is not directly interpretable by the ComPACS system but it can be stored in ComPACS without being altered in any way, thus allowing it to be later retrieved on the echo platforms or on proprietary dedicated systems (such as Philips QLAB, GE EchoPAC or Siemens eSie Apps) for advanced analysis.

All of the common DICOM abstract and transfer syntaxes, and Information Object Definitions (IODs) are supported by ComPACS. Furthermore ComPACS also supports and converts to DICOM multiple proprietary formats from legacy ultrasound devices : DSR-TIFF (Philips-Agilent SONOS ultrasound devices), DEFF (Philips-ATL HDI ultrasound devices) and Aloka Line Data format (Hitachi-Aloka ultrasound devices). These formats are proprietary and cannot be processed in standard DICOM viewers.

ComPACS can import measurement data from the different DICOM SR echo formats (Adult Echocardiac, Vascular, Pediatric, etc.). However, many vendor platforms output in DICOM SR only a limited subset of the possible measurements. For this reason, ComPACS is also equipped with dedicated plug-ins that can import the complete set of information using custom techniques. For example, user defined measurements can be automatically imported from Philips IE33/IU22 systems, from GE Vivid Excel output or from Siemens proprietary Sequoia/Aspen SR. Furthermore, ComPACS can also automatically import and generate compliant DICOM SR from legacy devices not equipped with DICOM SR output such as the Philips-Agilent SONOS line or the Philips-ATL HDI line, using dedicated digital OCR technology.

In addition to DICOM, a growing number of ECG formats are also supported, including FDA XML, SCP and Fukuda Denshi proprietary format. ComPACS performs an automated and seamless digital conversion to DICOM, importing numerical fields and automated diagnosis.