Vascular Ultrasound Workflow

MediMatic offers a vendor neutral cardiology workflow solution for your vascular ultrasound lab, providing a fully automated digital workflow. Through a bi-directional integration with the HIS/EMR system, ComPACS facilitates worklist distribution, archiving, image review, advanced analysis and reporting, enabling vascular ultrasound reports to be automatically available in the hospital’s electronic patient record.

  • Integration with the Hospital Order Entry system will provide Modality Worklist distribution to the ultrasound machine, allowing the operator to easily set up and start the case.
  • Vascular images and loops, as well as measurements performed on the ultrasound machine during the vascular ultrasound examination, are captured during the procedure and securely stored to the ComPACS archive.
  • After the vascular ultrasound examination, the study is immediately available in ComPACS for the physician to review, analyze and report the vascular study.
  • ComPACS provides analysis and reporting templates for various study types including, but not limited to: Carotid, Lower Extremity Arteries, Lower Extremity Veins, Upper Extremity Arteries, Lower Extremity Veins, Viscera.
  • Both Analysis and Reporting can be fully customized to meet your specific workflow needs, with user defined measurements and structured findings.
  • All anatomically specified measurements automatically populate into the report worksheet and final document to save you time and eliminate potential transcription errors.
  • The system keeps track of the graphical tracing and exact image and frame position of where each measurement is taken, for quality or trial auditing purposes.
  • ComPACS vascular reporting provides a comprehensive set of predefined vascular structured findings, allowing the physician to simply click on anatomic tabs, and then selecting the desired function and/or pathology check boxes to complete the narrative content of a report quickly and easily.
  • Streamlines workflow by enabling physicians to view, complete and sign vascular ultrasound reports from the hospital, office or home.
  • Using the vascular ultrasound structured reporting tool enables confirmed and electronically signed reports to be automatically routed directly to the HIS/EMR, making the vascular report generated in ComPACS directly available in the electronic patient journal as a document.