About Us

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MediMatic is an advanced solution provider in the field of medical digital technology. Our products are designed to optimize the workflow in a medical environment, allowing consistent diagnosis, data portability, advanced integration with medical devices and full compatibility to medical standards such as DICOM and HL7.

Our modular and highly scalable approach allows the building of solutions ranging from small private practices to large size hospitals or regional entities. MediMatic solutions therefore can grow in synergy with the growth of your activity.

With a worldwide installed base, our products are all characterized by their underlying exploitation of the advances in information and communication technology, leading to innovative, efficient, versatile and cost-effective solutions.

Our headquarters are located in Italy with direct subsidiaries in the USA - MediMatic Inc - and in Scandinavia – MediMatic AS – and partner distributors in other countries, allowing us to rapidly and efficiently respond to the specific needs of different countries and cultures.

History and Timeline