Administrative Solution

ComPACS is an award-winning cost-effective information management solution for image management and structured reporting for all cardiology modalities.

ComPACS allows you to consolidate all mini-PACS’s and proprietary vendor specific solutions into one vendor neutral, multi-modality, solution for archiving, worklist distribution, image review, analysis, reporting and results distribution.

ComPACS is offered in a wide range of different configurations and price points, from a single workstation for one imaging modality, to the ComPACS Enterprise Server with multiple imaging devices of different modalities connected, and a large number of ComPACS workstations, using the hospital SAN, or the enterprise PACS, as long-term archive. The scalability makes ComPACS a versatile and affordable solution, allowing the system to gradually grow to meet your changing needs.

The integrated Data Mining component allows you to drill down into the administrative, quality and clinical data stored in the ComPACS relational database, and establish procedures by creating custom queries to monitor key parameters such as number of procedures per month, per modality, per operator, per physician, diagnosis distribution, etc.

ComPACS allows you lower the total cost of ownership by consolidating the different cardiology lab systems into one single workspace. By reducing the need to maintain and troubleshoot multiple systems, the time and costs that will be saved on an ongoing basis will be considerable. A real load will also be taken off the IT personnel. Finally, also consider the time-savings when physicians can instantly report and review with a single click.