Stress ECG Workflow

MediMatic offers a vendor neutral Stress ECG workflow solution for your cardiology department, providing a fully automated digital workflow. Through a bi-directional integration with the HIS/EMR system, ComPACS facilitates worklist distribution, archiving and review, enabling Stress ECG reports from the cart to be automatically available in the hospital’s electronic patient record.

  • Integration with the Hospital Order Entry system will provide Modality Worklist distribution to the electrocardiograph, allowing the operator to easily set up and start the case.
  • ComPACS open architecture allows the integration of different Stress ECG devices from various vendors and different custom output formats, including Mortara's X-Scribe Stress ECG DICOM output.
  • The Stress ECG report is securely stored in the ComPACS archive as a DICOM embedded PDF document, including curves and findings for each stress-level.
  • Streamlines workflow by enabling physicians to view and sign reports from the hospital, office or home.
  • Confirmed and electronically signed reports can be automatically routed directly to the HIS/EMR, making the report directly available in the electronic patient journal as a document.