Secure Access to Patient data

ComPACS provides secure access to patient data, compliant with different national and international regulations, including HIPAA.

ComPACS exploits the authentications mechanisms already in place in the hospital and controlled by the system administrators, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Active Directory. User profiles and groups can be configured for a granular control of user privileges.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported, configurable and activated independently for each review station. This guarantees secure access without requesting the physician to login into ComPACS and improving the integrated workflow. At the same time, in scenarios where the Windows account is shared by multiple users, SSO can be disabled to ensure the user is correctly identified.

ComPACS logs all user access and operations on patient data for complete traceability. The system keeps track of image or report review, editing or deletion, identifying the date, time and user performing the operation.

In addition, with ComPACS’ unique ACL, Access Control List, technology, the system administrator can set up differentiated user access to the patient data. This makes ComPACS suitable for wide user access, for example in second opinion scenarios, in which users have visibility on only a subset of the patient database.

Data encryption protects direct database access to patient information, preventing attempts to circumvent ComPACS security layer.

Clustering for safe failover scenarios and full redundancy, guarantees data integrity, availability and scalability to support large enterprise environments.