A Solution for Changing Needs

ComPACS is a versatile and scalable image and data management solution that can meet the needs for all types of customers, ranging from a single physician private office with one imaging modality to large multi-hospital enterprises.

The scalability makes ComPACS a versatile and affordable solution, allowing the system to gradually grow to meet your changing needs.

ComPACS is offered in a wide range of different configurations and price points, from a single workstation for one imaging modality to the ComPACS Enterprise Server with multiple imaging devices of different modalities connected, and a large number of ComPACS workstations. License upgrade paths allow the system to gradually grow as required.

ComPACS components and services can be replicated and distributed on multiple systems for fail over scenarios and load balancing. Support for the most common virtualization environments including VM-Ware and Hyper-V is provided.

Image data can be stored on direct attached RAID drives, on NAS devices, or on a SAN or hierarchical storage in larger configurations.

ComPACS provides an integrated back-up utility, suitable to export and store data on DVD or on an external drive/NAS in small configurations. Automatic storage to a deep archive or automated disaster recovery systems can also be configured in larger and mission critical scenarios.