MediMatic is proud to present its latest ComPACS release, v.10.8. This new release consolidates new features and addresses several customer requests for improved and added functionality, such as:

  • Database redesign for improved performance and response time. Microsoft SQL 2008 and SQL 2012 support has also been introduced.
  • Extended HL7 support for advanced integration with HIS.
  • Improved web image access performance with pre-caching and routing technology. A new Edge Server component has also been released to improve workflow at remote office locations.
  • Improved transfer protocol for optimized image management in wide area networks. Increased performance for CT and MRI studies.
  • Improved workflow management with automated e-mail.
  • Improved support ECG workflow, including report approval and distribution.
  • Trial and Clinical Protocol management, including web upload tool technology.
  • Improved support for custom, user defined Philips IE33 and IU22 ultrasound measurements.

With ComPACS v.10.8 release, MediMatic again demonstrates its commitment to listen to our customers, and continues to add features that will help cardiologists implement the best possible workflow.