MediMatic is proud to present its latest ComPACS release, v.10.7, at ESC in Paris 27.-30. Aug. 2011. This new release addresses several customer requests for improved and added functionality, such as:

  • SSO (Single Sign-On) - ComPACS will automatically use the Windows log-in authentication for the current user already logged in to Windows.
  • Generic measurements for all imaging modalities - Gives the possibility to perform generic, basic measurements on radiology DICOM image modalities such as X-Ray, CT, MR, Angio etc.
  • Improved Echo Analysis View - Much better highlighting of the current selected measurement tools, which makes it much easier for the user to navigate through the echo measurement system, i.e. a workflow improvement.
  • Average measurement on or off as default - The averaging measurement feature can now be turned on as default.
  • Repeated measurements - The same measurement can now be repeated several times over different heartcycles without having to select the same measurement again from the menu. Very useful when performing echo measurements on Doppler spectrum or M-Mode recordings.
  • Dedicated Philips IE33 SR plugin - A dedicated DICOM SR plugin to automatically import all user defined measurements into the selected ComPACS report fields.
  • Cabrera ECG display format - ComPACS now also has support for the very widely used "Cabrera" ECG display format.
  • Support for DICOM overlays and masks - Increased support for DICOM Overlays and DSA Masks, including multiple masks for bolus-chase procedures.
  • Support for VP8 Codec - Support for Google's VP8 Codec for high quality compression for web access.

With ComPACS v.10.7 release, MediMatic again demonstrates its commitment to listen to our customers, and continues to add features that will help cardiologists implement the best possible workflow.