Cardiology Information Management manufacturer MEDIMATIC of Genoa, Italy, has reached an agreement with Philips Healthcare to integrate and distribute Philips QLAB analysis software modules as an integrated part of their ComPACS CV-PACS product line.

The integration of QLAB in ComPACS is aimed at improving workflow for echocardiography departments and providing advanced 2D and 3D analysis of proprietary raw data from Philips ultrasound units. The integration facilitates distribution of QLAB quantification features in the PACS network to make the information more universally accessible by cardiologists and other clinical staff.

"The integration with QLAB further expands our offering, combining the advantages of a vendor-neutral Cardio-Vascular PACS without limitations in the processing of proprietary raw data and the usage of advanced quantification tools"

says Maurizio Piaggio, CEO of MediMatic.

"We are committed to supporting interoperability with other vendors, and ComPACS interface to our QLAB ultrasound application is a manifestation of our connected workflow strategy,"

said Neal Grotenhuis, product manager, Cardiology Ultrasound IT, for Philips Healthcare.

"We recognize that not all customers will have a single vendor lab and are more likely to choose equipment from vendors who work with each other to improve connected workflow. Having a customer-focused approach and a cooperative strategy with other vendors allows clinicians to choose equipment that best meets their needs based on clinical features, value and workflow."