Open, IHE Compliant Architecture

MediMatic is committed to comply with the established global industry standards for healthcare information management and IT in general, such as IHE, DICOM and HL7.

MediMatic has participated at different IHE Connectathon events, ensuring a wide support for many IHE profiles with a specific focus on cardiology.

ComPACS core technology is based on the platform of choice for most health organizations: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS for Web distribution and Microsoft SQL Server. ComPACS is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and with its server components implemented as Windows Services. The components can be distributed and replicated on different systems for fail over configurations and load balancing.

ComPACS has a native HL7 interface, which is flexible and can easily be adapted to the various different flavours of HL7 messaging from HIS/EMR systems by different vendors. Furthermore alternative custom integrations, through shared database tables, file exchange or XML are also possible.

ComPACS can communicate, transparently to the user, with a third party PACS for automated deep archival and centralized storage. Alternatively ComPACS may serve as a consolidated and centralized web distribution platform for different departmental or laboratory PACS systems.

Third party clinical applications, for example HIS/EMR systems, can exploit ComPACS for reviewing clinical data, by launching the ComPACS web viewer by a URL. The URL may contain different parameters to control the ComPACS behaviour, including specification of the context (user privileges, patient or study to be opened, analysis and reporting modules to activate).

ComPACS has a software API which can easily be adapted to support third party plug-in modules. For example Philips QLAB, Siemens eSie Apps and Shina Systems 3Di Cardiac are examples of modules which have already been successfully integrated.