Fully Customizable Solution

ComPACS offers high flexibility in terms of adapting to the customer needs.

The system is modular and scalable, tailored to meet the customer requirements. Different server and review station licensing models allow ComPACS to be used in both small and large organizations.

A dynamic clinical database structure can rapidly adapt to practice changes and growing needs. Standard and custom interfaces with third party systems facilitate a completely digital and automated workflow.

  • The measurement packages can be completely configured, both in terms of contents and layout, to reflect the user workflow needs for off-line measurements.
  • The final report can be designed and customized with respect to hospital logo, contents, layout, fonts and pre-defined structured statements.
  • Custom fields and formulas can be introduced to reflect your specific and growing needs.
  • When the report is electronically signed off by the cardiologist, the system can be set up to send the final report as PDF to the Hospital Information System. The report can also be exported to multiple standard file formats, such as PDF, Text, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.