Open and IHE Compliant Architecture

ComPACS is a complete multi-modality, vendor neutral, image management and reporting system designed to exploit advanced technologies to provide efficient and integrated viewing, archiving, analysis and reporting for the cardiology practice.

It has an open architecture, and we are fully committed to comply with open industry standards, such as HL7, DICOM, HTML, SQL for an IHE compliant solution.

ComPACS provides connectivity to all DICOM compliant imaging devices, including ECG devices, as well as connectivity to HIS/EMR systems. Fully integrated and advanced analysis packages are available for various modalities allowing complete analysis and reporting from a single workstation and a uniform user interface.

ComPACS is also an extremely scalable and comprehensive PACS solution. The system is available in various different configurations ranging from stand-alone workstations to multiple workstations connected in a LAN or over the Internet.
This scalability makes ComPACS a versatile and affordable solution ranging from small private practices to large size hospitals, allowing the system to gradually grow to meet your changing needs.

A comprehensive and flexible HL7 interface, allows for bi-directional integration with HIS/EMR systems, receiving procedure orders to provide DICOM Modality Worklist to the imaging devices, as well as returning completed and signed off reports for a fully digital and automatic workflow solution.

ComPACS provides Web based distribution of images not only to standard PCs, but also to smartphones and tablet PCs for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

The integrated Data Mining component gives a flexible and powerful access to all the cardiovascular reporting data stored in the archive, for administration or research purposes.