The CV-PACS manufacturer MediMatic Srl is expanding its global presence by setting up MediMatic AS, a Norwegian subsidiary. MediMatic AS will have distribution of the ComPACS product line in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

"With the strong growth MediMatic has achieved in Italy the last couple of years, and with presence already in countries like the USA, we see this as a logical next step towards global presence."

says Maurizio Piaggio, CEO of MediMatic.

"Our vision is to become a strong global player in the CV-PACS market. And with ComPACS, its advanced data security features, scalability and multi-vendor interfaces, we feel that we have a very competitive product that is well positioned for the future, in any geography."

Karl Arild Berg, General Manager of the Norwegian subsidiary adds:

"We will position ComPACS as a vendor-neutral cost-effective CV-PACS alternative to the three big players in Scandinavia, offering top-level technology and support and interfacing to imaging modalities from all vendors. Furthermore we see the patient data centric security features of ComPACS as a huge competitive strength when it comes to sharing patient data between different healthcare institutions, which we see as a growing market need."