Cath Workflow

MediMatic offers a vendor neutral cardiology workflow solution for your Cath lab, providing a fully automated digital workflow. Through a bi-directional integration with the HIS/EMR system, ComPACS facilitates worklist distribution, archiving, image review, advanced analysis and reporting, enabling clinical reports to be automatically available in the hospital’s electronic patient record.

  • Integration with the Hospital Order Entry system will provide Modality Worklist distribution to the imaging device, allowing the operator to easily set up and start the case.
  • Images are captured during the procedure and securely stored to the ComPACS archive.
  • After the imaging procedure, the study is immediately available in ComPACS for the physician to review, analyze and report.
  • Post-processing tools provide stacking, windowing, zooming and different image filters, including Dynamic Edge Enhancement and Digital Subtraction Angiography.
  • Pre-procedure, recovery and discharge data is easily captured.
  • Efficient management of patient care and cardiovascular resources by automating scheduling, inventory and billing
  • Integration with Data Warehouse. The reporting view provides a list of consumables which is populated by barcode scanning.
  • Integration for pressures with Polygraph.
  • Interventional procedures : PTCA, PTA, Valvuloplasty. Other specific procedures may be added and customized.
  • Diagnostic procedures : Coronary, Left and Right ventriculography, Pre and Post Catheterism, Aortography, Angiography.
  • Technical and Diagnostic Datasheets.
  • Procedure description based on point of Entry, Type of Procedure, Catheter and Remotion.
  • Report Worksheet for General Data, STEMI Time Calculation, Procedures Time, Medical history, Lab data.
  • Findings build in real-time while physicians document cases, and the finalized, electronically signed off reports are automatically distributed to the HIS/EMR system.
  • Streamlines workflow by enabling physicians to view, complete and sign patient reports from the hospital, office or home.
  • Report integration with ComPACS’ QCA, LVA and IVUS quantitative analysis tools for angiography and ivus imaging.